5 Calming Scents to Help Unwind and Destress

Published on 23 January 2022 at 20:44

We can all benefit from finding ways to feel a little calmer in our lives, especially as parents who many times are multi-tasking jobs around the home. Each of us will have a preferred way to enter into that place of relaxation depending on our personality, likes and dislikes. I remember quite recently when I shared with a friend that I had taken to use various incense sticks before bed and found them beneficial. Her response was that regardless of the variety of scents available she felt they all had an underlining burning smell that she just didn’t care for. On the contrary, the underline burning spell coupled with a particular scent was exactly what I found relaxing.


The type of methods available to help us relax are just as numerous as the areas of the body we want to relax. The best way to relax muscles, best way to relax your mind, best was to relax aching after a workout are just a few questions many ask. The time of day we want to relax is also significant for example before an intense meeting in the middle of the day or like me just before bed.  If on the go or in a public place, listening to music via headphones is a great option to help you relax while keeping things private. If you’re in the comfort of your own home then aromatherapy can be a great way to relax, especially when coupled with other destressing techniques such as a hot bath. A candle, hot bath and music is a great trio that works well as a destress simply because it engages three senses, feeling, smell and hearing.


While we generally don’t need any assistance regarding our choice of music or bathing temperature having an idea of the best relaxing scents can help you set a atmosphere you desire. Whether its tranquil, fresh and vibrant or energizing certain scents can trigger the brain’s response to evoke certain feelings of relaxation, energy, or productivity. Below are 5 scents that I regularly use to help me turn my environment into a place I can relax and wind down. If you have any others you can recommend, please feel free to leave a comment.


My Top 5 Calming Scents to Help Us Unwind and Destress

1.    Rosemary

A popular plant you can grow in your garden and is used for many things including cooking, washing hair and yes, scented candles. Energizing and relaxing effects are what you can expect from the Rosemary aroma which will improve your concentration and reduce stress while working on a major project.


2.    Lavender

Lavender is again a common garden plant and one of the most popular scents for relaxing and falling asleep. This fragrance oil has many calming properties, and it can help release tension, soothe racing thoughts and help you unwind.

3.    Jasmine

This sweet, rich floral scent is known for its calming properties. If you’re burnt out and stressed this fragrance oil will help soothe your tension and promote relaxation. In addition to candles Jasmine is also found in perfumes, soaps and even desserts.

4.    Sea Breeze

A fresh scent that transports you into a clear open space. Sea breeze is an excellent choice that will also help you stay calm during a busy day. Although ingredients may vary most contain a combination of magnolia, ozone, and jasmine a mixture designed to remind you of the salty sea breeze and whispers the of the gusting seaside wind.

5.    Cinnamon

Sweet, spicy and earthy fragrance that brings to mind a winter holiday or a quint restaurant where you can relax by a cosy log fire. Cinnamon’s effect is warming and invigorating ideal for calming and concentration. Scented cinnamon candles are popular in the autumn seasons are available all year round.

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