Family Friendly Britain is the outcome of a vision birthed in 2000 by Sonia Reynolds. Her passion was to help busy parents, guardians and support workers locate information in one location as opposed to searching endlessly online. The main focus was to provide up to date information on hard-to-find services and facilities. Her first publication was funded in 2002 by the Scarman Trust who offered sponsorship via a programme called the Millennium Awards. The project created a magazine and website called the ‘Child Friendly Fact Finder’ and serviced over an estimated 20,000 parents in the Nottingham area.   Today Sonia collaborates with others and via this site, Family Friendly Britain shares information that covers education, legislation and relaxations, plus health and lifestyle.


Here at Family Friendly Britain, we believe that with the demands of everyday life, quality time with the family is very valuable and imperative for overall wellbeing.   We are here to help families make the most of their time together by highlighting services and facilities that have been ‘designed with kids in mind’. We don’t believe in duplicating information already available on the net so we may link to other organisations and services that specialise in a topics discussed on the website.


Some of the products and services we connect with may have a search box, or a link called an affiliate link. These items may generate a commission payment to our site if you choose to click the link or purchase the service or product. We only host search boxes or affiliate links that give you a better or identical deal than going direct. However, some of these are technologically generated so please let us know it you find this not to be the case. Family Friendly Britain aims to offer you a quality free of charge service and believe this is the best way we can do this while keeping our site free from distracting adverts.