Gifts For Children That Last A Lifetime

Published on 18 January 2022 at 20:47

Everyone likes to receive wrapped gifts, but the initial excitement that comes from finding out what's inside the wrapper generally lasts for a short time. Many parents have experienced buying a gift for a young child and witness them spending more time playing with the box it came in than the toy itself. In fact a person after experiencing this made a business selling a flat packed cardboard box that made up into a play house. It was designed plain white so that the children could have fun painting and decorating the house  any way they liked.


This flat packed play house would add so much value to a child's life as they will learn so much while at play. Constructing the house will help them develop analytical skills while choosing colours and shapes for decoration develops creativity skills. As our children get older it can be more difficult to get them something that can add that level of value.


So many times when buying a gift for a child we think of objects such as clothes, gadgets, trips to a concert or such like. While these are great presents that will bring them joy there are reasonably priced gifts that will add long lasting benefits to a child's life. Paying for tuition in an area of a Childs passion is one example of a gift that can last a lifetime. 


  • If a child shows an interest in music you could offer to pay for a set of lessons.


  • If a child cannot swim offer to pay for a course of swimming lessons.


  • Older children may appreciate it if you pay for their provisional driving licence or even a few lessons


I remember purchasing a driving day for my young son. I would never have thought of this except a friend told me she had done that for her son and he enjoyed it so much. This particular driving school provided lessons on private property for children under sixteens. I was surprised to see children as young as ten years old there clearly having so much fun while learning a life skill. Purchasing gifts that exposes a child to new experiences  is priceless as it provides long lasting value. 


When thinking of purchasing a gift that will change a child's life make sure you discuss it with the parent or guardian. This is especially recommended if the gift requires the commitment of an adults supervision.

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