Support for Mature Students and Those with Parental Responsibilities



Student support father

The fact that graduates earn 35% more than the national average
have more chance of going on to find better jobs and have
more career options are some of the reasons why more people
with young children or Mature adults are choosing higher education.

There are many pressures facing students today, and more for
those choosing to study with a family. We have developed a
support service to mentor and assist mature students and parent students.
Available to registered users only, this site supports parents and guardians,
mature students who are proposing or currently in higher education. Accessible
via registered educational establishment or government initiative,
students will be able to access information on UK higher educational
establishments identifying the services and facilities available
to them. Giving information on childcare provision, cost,
availability, financial support, plus advice, counseling,
mentoring, and lectures by professionals who have gone through
higher education as a mature student or while responsible for young children.

Founders statement:

“I have gone through college and university as the carer
for a young child, and later as a mature student. I have first hand experience of the demands,
struggles and complications it can bring. In the education and
business arena the importance of mentors and role models are
undisputedly invaluable. My experience has led me to organise
and facilitate support services to colleges and universities
who wish to provide students, with the specialist support they need.”

We have two main aims:

To support educational establishments and government initiatives
in their effort to support mature students and those with child dependants.
To give access via a web site to information that is normally
time consuming to obtain;  focusing on mature students and those with child
dependants wishing to go on to university or HE.

Our Services:

  • Access to information web site (students are able to access site)
  • Consultation for your advice and guidance staff
  • Support at open days for prospective students
  • Mentoring lectures to student groups
  • Individual counseling,mentoring, support service