Let Your Money Go Further by Visiting Free Entry Attractions


Affordable accommodation, cost effective ways to eat on the go, yet many UK families fail to explore the many glories of the land. Is this because there is simply no passion to see the country of Britain? The UK has great picturesque landscape, historical landmarks of great importance and museums that show the past, present and future. Many of these places are totally free to enter but tend to have more overseas visitors than those locally based. Is it a case of the typical syndrome of taking for granted the things that are close to us?

Children grow so fast and many parents feel guilty for not spending as much quality time with them as they would like. But the fact is times are tough, parents work long hours just to make ends meet and taking the family out for the day is simply too expensive. But does it all come down to money? If there were more offers such as free tourist attractions and kids stay free hotels would we use them? Is this the only way to get families off the sofa and out and about enjoying themselves and staying fit and healthy?

With a bit of planning and effort there is no reason why any family cannot enjoy a fun day out together without it costing a fortune. Although it may be easier to just plonk them in front of the television all day the whole family would benefit from a bit of fresh air, exercise and fun together and it can be done on a budget. There are plenty of free entry places to go and the Internet is a great place to find vouchers and discount codes for kids eat free restaurants or reasonable priced accommodation. You just need to think about what your kids will enjoy and how you can get the best value for money out of your day.

Family Friendly Britain promotes free entry attractions close to where you live. Most people live within a short drive of a country park or nature reserve, these can be the perfect places to take kids of all ages for a picnic and a kick around with a football. Even better if you can get a few friend together, get everyone to take some food and share it out this will make it much cheaper. On a nice day the kids will play happily for hours and the most you will have to pay for is perhaps a couple of ice creams.

Of course one of the biggest problems parents face when they take the kids out for the day is pester power! Once the kids start saying “can I have…can I have…” the cost soon begins to rise. One way to combat this is to give each child a certain amount of pocket money, say £5 to last the day and when it’s gone it’s gone. This is also a good way to teach kids to manage their money themselves.

Free entry attractions if promoted enough would encourage people to get the kids out the house and have some fun together. Kids don’t stay kids for long, and the memories of great days out will stay with them forever.