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What is SimplyBest Slimmex?

SimplyBest Slimmex is a popular choice for consumers looking to improve vitality, well-being and body-fitness. It contains the active ingredient Fiit-NS; a natural extract of fruit and vegetables of Mediterranean origin that may help to assist in the reduction of waist and hip size, even for those with low activity levels. Each capsule provides standardised extracts of green tea, grapefruit, grape, guarana and black carrot, and offers a powerful spectrum of polyphenols (60%), flavonoids (15%) and vitamin B3.

Study findings and benefits

A placebo-controlled trial monitored participants who took Fiit-NS daily (one capsule with breakfast and one with lunch) over a 12 week period. During the trial, all participants followed a normal caloric diet and had limited physical activity (under 30 minutes per week). At the end of the three-month trial, participants who had been taking the Fiit-NS supplement:

– Lost an average of 6.7 kgs

– Waist size shrank by 1.98 cm

– Hip size also shrank by an average of 2.52 cm

– LDL cholesterol reduced by 10%

– Triglyceride levels reduced by 14%

At the end of the trial, participants supplementing with Fiit-NS also reported a higher level of vitality (+52%), well-being (+53%) and satisfaction (+67%) compared to those who took the placebo.

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