Nessfit Fitwalker Group Exercise Treadmill


The Nessfit Fitwalker is the perfect addition to any group exercise programme within a health club or fitness centre

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The Nessfit Fitwalker is the perfect addition to any group exercise programme within a health club or fitness centre
Designed for the health club market the Fitwalker is built to be almost indestructible and provides an incredibly smooth motion at all levels of resistance. It has three manually adjustable elevations and when not in use the deck can be folded vertically for storage. When folded a Nessfit Fitwalker takes up less floor space than traditional Studio upright exercise bikes.

It is perfect for group exercise classes, used alongside or instead of spinning bikes, The nessfit FitWalker with no motor or electrical components means there is very little to break down. Whereby spinning bike classes require at least a minimum level of physical fitness to participate, the Fitwalker can be used by all ages and abilities, thus enabling a wider catchment of members to group fitness training sessions and thereby increasing the revenue stream to the club.

You can use them in the home. If you want a treadmill just to walk on then why not consider the Fitwalker. There is no motor to break down, no electronics to go wrong and because they are built for full commercial use then in the home they would be almost bomb proof.

• Contoured handrails
• Friction brake for speed control
• 3 Manual inclines (9,12 and 15 degrees) for variable difficulty/intensity.

The 3 showroom models are the ADVANCED model with a hydraulic easy-incline system which can be used to vary intensity/effort levels during workouts which adds yet another dimension to the group programme.

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