IronMaxx 100% Casein Protein – 750g


IronMaxx 100% Casein Protein is the perfect time release protein



IronMaxx 100% Casein Protein is the perfect time release protein. When you take Casein protein you are taking a protein that absorbs slowly into the body, the result is the body recovers faster because you are getting a drip feed of essential amino acids that counteract muscle breakdown. It contains a low amount of carbohydrates and fat making it ideal for bodybuilders diet and definition phase. The low carbohydrate content offers an additional advantage by stabilizing the blood sugar level and reducing the risk of hunger attacks. Successful athletes usually take it as an in-between meal or before they retire for the night to provide the body with amino acids throughout the day and/or night and promote muscle recovery and prevent muscle loss during a diet phase.

IronMaxx Casein has been depleted of most lactose and milk fat and therefore this product has a high protein content of 83-85%. and compared to other protein products contains the unaltered milk casein including all of its valuable bioactive protein components and 50% of the essential amino acids. In addition it contains the anabolic amino acid Glutamine, which promotes high-level muscle growth and an above average amount of Arginine.

Essential amino acids per 100g of protein:
• 4700 mg Isoleucine (BCAA)
• 9200 mg Leucine (BCAA)
• 7600 mg Lysine
• 5800 mg Valine (BCAA)
• 4200 mg Phenylalanine
• 4200 mg Threonine
• 2700 mg Methionine
• 1700 mg Tryptophan

Semi-essential amino acids per 100g of protein:
• 4500 mg Histidin
• 600 mg Cystein

Other amino acids per 100g of protein:
• 19600 mg Glutamine
• 7300 mg Asparagine
• 3700 mg Arginine
• 9200 mg Proline
• 5200 mg Serine
• 3100 mg Alanine
• 1800 mg Glycine
• 4900 mg Tyrosine

100% Concentrated milk protein (Micellar)

Recommended Use 

Mix 250 ml of water or low-fat milk with 25g 100% casein protein

Nutritional Information
*based on strawberry flavour

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