Heaven Fresh HF625 Mini Dehumidifier


Heaven Fresh Mini Dehumidifier is ideal for use in yours or your baby’s bedroom

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Heaven Fresh Mini Dehumidifier is ideal for use in yours or your baby’s bedroom. The dehumidifier is perfect for use in hot summer climates by removing the heavy water vapour from the air giving you a nice dry environment perfect for sleeping. Heaven fresh have incorporated the latest in thermo electric technology to ensure that the HF625 is whisper quite during operation, this means is perfect for use in your baby’s nursery as it won’t wake them but gives them a clean environment and encourages natural sleep patterns.
The Heave fresh dehumidifier has an extra-large 500ml transparent tank which allows you to see when the water level is rising; once it is full a handy alert light comes on encouraging you to empty it for operation to continue. As well as the warning light the heaven fresh also has an automatic cut of switch which will turn of the dehumidifier when the water tank has reached maximum capacity. The HF625 Dehumidifier is perfect for use in nursery’s for better sleeping patterns but as well in small rooms up to 160 ft² (14.86m²) to prevent a humid environment which often causes damp mould.


> Whisper quite operation
> Large 500ml water tank
> Transparent water tank
> Water level warning light
> Automatic shut off
> Perfect for use in small rooms
> Prevents damp
> Provides a dry environment for natural sleep

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