Potty Training Do’s and Don’ts

Where can I find advice for potty training my child?

The potty training process should start between 18 – 30 months. When a child can tell you they are wet and start to remove a wet nappy themselves is a good sign that they are ready.  Potty training as mentioned is a process, not an event. You should not expect it to happen over a short period  such as a couple of weeks. Accidents will happen and it’s not a sign that your child is a slow learner, this development just takes time.

Don’t narrow your potty training to tools such as reward charts. They may work for one child but will offer no motivation whatsoever for another child. Also disposable training pants can be a good asset but some parents  like myself feel it made the child feel it was just a nappy. Many parents believe having the experience of wet pants worked best. Don’t overwhelm your child as you both go through the process. Potty training will not last forever so enjoy supporting your child as he or she advances.

There are numerous conflicting advice on the internet giving details regarding how to successfully potty train your child. This is due to what we have previously mentioned – every child is different. Conflicting advice can cause confusion for what should be a happy learning experience for both you and your child. This stage in your child’s development can be very stressful if you don’t have access to the right advice and support. If you are really struggling here is a potty training product that comes with a  100% money back guarentee. please let us know it you have found this product helpful. Click Here!