Parenting Courses and Support in Chichester, Crawley and Worthing

Raising children is always a daunting task due to parents facing a host of physical and emotional challenges. That’s why parents need all kinds of parenting support structures that ultimately keep their relationship stronger with their children. Whether you are mom/dad-to-be, new parent, single parent or an experienced parent of a teen, you may need parenting support at any point in time. And we all know that where there is a problem, there is a solution. In order to lighten the stress and struggle of parenthood, some organisations have come forward with some parenting courses and support programmes.

Parents staying in the surrounding areas of Chichester, Crawley and Worthing have several opportunities to strengthen their parenting skills and develop better understanding. You will find a good number of parenting courses and support programmes in those areas. Now whether you want to learn individually, in the group or as a couple, you will get loads of supports.

Changeworks (Family Therapy and Counselling)

Experiencing sudden changes or undergoing relationship pressure in the family is nothing unusual. Nowadays children, parents and young people often involve around a wide range of difficulties such as work pressure, life events, divorce, bereavement, stepfamilies or worrying behaviour. In such severe situation, Changeworks, a Chichester-based organisation has come forward with family therapy and counselling supports for families, children, parents and young adults.


CHAMPS Academy (Kids Confidence Coaching)

Just like adults, children and young people are also prey to stress and worries. Sometimes, we find our children or teens suffering problems like demotivation, social anxiety or unhappiness. In order to resolve their problems, Champs organises Kids Confidence Coaching to help children relax and feel happier. They are counselled how to take control on their emotions and improve behaviour. The organisation focuses on overall improvement in wellbeing and behaviour for the children and young people and teaches them important life skills.


West Sussex Counselling (Parent Support Counselling)

This counselling support group offers parenting helps especially for them who have exhausted themselves with the parenting responsibilities. The group also helps for early parenthood and mothers seeking counselling. They have already dealt with the problems like traumas or difficulties of parenthood, changing relationships, caring for the unsettled baby and other parenting issues.

Reaching Families

Reaching Families offers a wide range of tailor-made training programmes that help the parents and families to handle parenthood stress and building resilience. They also offer training workshops on sleep management and understanding training behaviours to the families right across West Sussex.


Mumma’s Little Helper

After having a baby, the usual routine of a mother turns upside down. Most of the parents find the parenting task amazing as well as exhausting and they often spend many sleepless nights and days. To help those parents, Mumma’s Little Helper offers supports and advices on a wide range of parenting aspects such as sleep routines, behavioural issues, potty training and eating/ feeding and other issues.


If you have experience of attending any parenting course and support or having any tips on overcoming the parenting issues, please feel free to share your experience with us. This parent bring and share blog is to help those with children, find information and supports designed with children in mind.

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