A – Z Support Services


Please check online for up to date contact numbers as many have freephone alternativeswoman-1006100_1920


Action for Sick Children (Scotland):
Tel: (0131) 553 6553 Provides an answer phone service
for advice.

Action for Sick Children (UK):
Tel: (020) 7843 6444
Provides a helpline (0800 0744519) and information to help
parents cope with and prepare for children’s healthcare.

Tel: (020) 8906 9068
Provides support, information and resources about Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to parents, sufferers and carers.

Adoption UK:
Tel: 0870 7700 450
Provides support, advice and encouragement for potential and
established adoptive
families and permanent foster carers.

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services:
Tel: 0870 7651 433
AIMS provides help and information about all aspects of maternity
care to parents and professionals in the UK and Ireland.

Association for Post Natal Illness:
Tel: (020) 7386 0868
The association offers support to mothers suffering from post-natal
illness and also provides a telephone helpline.

Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus:
Tel: (01733) 555 988
ASBAH provides information, advice and support to people affected
by this disability.

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers:
Tel: (020) 7813 1481
Run voluntarily by mothers, ABM gives friendly support and
supplies information to women wishing to breastfeed. 24 hour
helpline to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor and list
of regional support groups.


Barnado’s England:
Tel: 0208 8551 0011
Working to ensure the lives of children are as free from poverty,
discrimination and abuse as possible.

Barnado’s Northern Ireland:
Tel: 028 9067 2366

Barnado’s Scotland:
Tel: 0131 3349893

Tel: 0500 618 140
Pre-mature baby charity gives parental support and advice
network providing support to the families of babies who need
special or intensive care.

Breastfeeding Network (BFN): Tel: (0870)
900 8787
Information about breastfeeding including medical articles.
This organisation promotes breastfeeding and offers a support

Brooks Centres:
Tel: (0800) 0185 023
Plain talking advice on emergency contraception and sex infections.
There areBrook centres around the UK giving advice to women
(including under 16s) who think they might be pregnant.


Child Bereavement Trust:
Tel: (01494)446648
Charity with resources for families who have lost a baby or
child or for children who have suffered the death of a sibling
or parent.

Tel: (0800) 0960 296
National and local childcare information funded by the government.
Enter your postcode to find childcare providers in your area.

Tel: 0800 11 11
Provides a free 24-hour help line and support for children
and young people.

Citizen Advice Bureau:
Tel: local numbers
Mostly staffed by volunteers, CAB can offer free advice on
issues concerning pregnancy and employment. You can find your
local office on the website.

Compassionate Friends:
Tel: (0117)9539639
A self-help organisation set up by and for bereaved parents.

Contact a Family:
Tel: 0808 808 5555
National Charity offering advice, information and support
to parents of children with special needs and disabilities.

Council for Disabled Children:
Tel: (020)78431900
Provides information for parents and details of organisations
offering services & support for children with particular
disabilities and special educational needs.

Cruse Bereavement Care:
Tel: (020) 8332 7227
An organisation that offers help and counselling to the bereaved.

Tel: (020) 7404 5011
Helpline for parents with crying and sleepless children.


Daycare Trust:
Tel: (020) 7840 3350
The national childcare charity, promoting high quality affordable
childcare for all.

Disability Action (Nl):
Tel: (028) 9029 7880
Information and advice on disabilities and focal organisations.

Disabled Living Foundation:
Tel: 0845 130 9177
National UK Charity providing choice for people who use equipment
for a more
independent life.


Eating Disorders Association
EDA offers information and understanding to everyone
involved in bulimia or anorexia and related eating disorders
through helplines, self-help groups or individual membership
Tel Youth helpline 01603 621414 4pm – 6pm Mon, Tues, Wed Helpline
01603 621414 9am – 6 30pm Mon – Fri

Enuresis Resource and Information Centre
ERIC is a national charity providing advice and information
to younger children and teenagers, parents and professionals
on bed and daytime wetting.
Tel 0117 9603060 9.30am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri (Bristol)


Fathers Direct:
Tel: not available
This online magazine is aimed at alt dads, from fathers-to-be
to the more experienced dads. It offers information on how to
become a better dad.

Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID):
Tel: (020) 7233 2090 (24H Helpline)
A leading cot death charity working to prevent cot deaths
and promote baby health to parents, carers and professionals.










Genetic Interest Group (G!G):
Tel: (020) 7704 3141
Umbrella body for support groups working with people affected
by specific genetic disorders, providing information about services
in the NHS and elsewhere.

Getting Pregnant:
Tel: not available
Facts on fertility and the quest to become pregnant.

Tel: 0800 0184318
Self-help organisation that provides practical and emotional
support to lone-parent families.


Home Start:
Tel: 08000 68 63 68
Provides support to parents of under-fives and recruits parents
as volunteers offering friendship and support to other parents.


Immunisation Information England:
Tel: (020) 7972 3807
Provides detailed information about immunisation.


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Tel: (020) 7730 3300
Kidscape provide practical skills and ressources to prevent
bullying or sexual abuse. They provide a Bullying Helpline for
parents: 08451 205 204


La Leche League (GB)
Tel: (020) 7242 1278
This organisation promotes breastfeeding and offers a support

Legal – Children’s Legal Centre:
Tel: (01206) 873820
An independent national charity concerned with law and policy
affecting children and young people


MAMA (Meet-a-mum Association):
Tel: 0208 768 0123 (Helpline)
The Charity provides a network of support, help and information
to mothers suffering from post-natal depression. It also offers
a telephone helpline.

Marie Stopes international:
Tel: (020) 7574 7400
International reproductive healthcare provider for men and
women. Marie Stopes offers abortion counselling, contraceptive
information and cervical screening.

Maternity Alliance:
Tel: (020) 7588 8582
Supporting parents to be, the Maternity Alliance offers downloadable
factsheets on
subjects such as work, money and redundancy. A good place
to look for practical

Tel: local numbers
Working for a better life for everyone with experience of
mental distress in England
and Wales.

Miscarriage Association:
Tel: (01924) 200 799 (Helpline)
Scotland: 0131 331 883
Provides nationwide support for those who have suffered the
loss of a baby during pregnancy.


National Childbirth Trust (NCT):
Tel: (0870) 444 8707
Information on pregnancy and babycare as well as antenatal classes,
local support groups and nearly new sales.

National Council for One Parent Families:
Tel: 0800 018 5026 (Helpline)
Highlights and promotes the welfare of single parents and
their children.

NCMA – National Child Minding Association:
Tel: (020) 8464 6164
Promoting quality registered chiidminding so that children,
families and communities
can benefit from the best in childcare and education.

NHS Direct:
Tel: (0845) 4647
Gateway to health information on the internet.

Northern Ireland Marriage Guidance Council (Relate):
Tel: (028) 9032 3454
Confidential relationship counselling.

Northern Ireland Mother and Baby Appeal (NIMBA) (Nl):
Tel: (028) 9332 9933
Local charity providing help and advice to parents of disabled,
premature or ill babies with intensive or special care needs.

Tel: 0808 800 5000
The UKs leading charity specialising in child protection and
the prevention of cruelty to children.


One Parent Families Scotland:
Tel: 0800 018 5026
Offers support and guidance to lone parents with information
on employment/training opportunities, social security and


Tel: (0808) 800 2222
A national helpline providing support, information and guidance
to parents and carers.

Parents Advice Centre (Northern Ireland):
Tel- (028) 9023 8800
A confidential service offering support to parents under stress.

Parents at Work:
Tel- (020)76282128
Working passionately for parenthood and employment to go hand
in hand.

Parents Centre:
Tel. (0870) 000 2288
Providing information on education for your child and how
you can help.

Professional Family Women’s Network:
Tel: (020) 8594 2811
A service actively promoting the role of working women with
families, providing information and guidance















































































































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Relate: Marriage Guidance:
Tel: (01788) 573241
Confidential relationship counselling


Tel: 08457 90 90 90 (UK); 01850 60 90 90 (Rol)
Provides 24-hour-a-day confidential and emotional support for
those who experience feelings of distress or despair

SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (UK):
Tel: (020) 7436 5881
A national self-help organisation that provides support for
bereaved parents and
their families whose baby has died at or soon after birth.

Scottish Cot Death Trust:
Tel: (0141) 357 3946
Provides support and information to parents bereaved by sudden
infant deaths.

Special Education Needs:
Tel: (01284) 723952
Specialises in education law and special education needs offering
advice, help and representation on aspects of education needs.

Sure Start:
Tel:(020) 7273 4830
Sure Start aims to improve the health and well-being of families
and children before and from birth, so children are ready
to shine when they go to school


Tel: (0870) 770 3305
Charity providing information and mutual support networks for
families of twins,
triplets and more.


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Women’s Aid:
Tel. 0845 7023 468 (24H Helpline)
Working to end violence against women and children.


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Young Minds:
Tel: (0800) 018 2138
A national charity concerned with the mental health of children
and young people.


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